The Palm Application that Rocks

I’ve been a Palm user for years … starting with the original Palm Pilot. I like that it does a few things very well and tends to be a pretty bullet-proof machine/software combination. Like most, I use it for maintaining my calendar, to-do list, contacts and a huge array of information through the memo feature. I’ve now moved up the the Tungsten T5 which has lots of great features but runs very slow … hopefully a fix will be coming. Seems that they have some problems with the new flash memory.

Anyway, the killer app for me on this platform has been Iambic Agendus for Palm coupled with Agendus for the desktop. The latest version (I’ve been with them for the last 4) can be used to sync with Outlook or the Palm Desktop. If you don’t need to use Outlook, the Palm desktop is less quirky. What does this product do? First, it lets you look at your data in a variety of ways … adapting to your style. You can use a straight 1-5 number system, or arrange your tasks through a Covey-like matrix. Add Icons to every task or meeting. Include pictures for your contacts, add colors and rearrange views on the fly. It is primarily a “front-end” for Palm or an addin for Outlook that rearranges the view. A very cool program — on the desktop and on the palm. The thirty day trial makes it very easy to test everything out and if you find you don’t like it you can delete the program but all your info stays intact in the originating program. I rarely recommend software. This is one of the few exceptions.


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