Another season of “reality” shows began tonight with Survivor: Guatamala. Yeah, it is something of a casual guilty pleasure — I probably miss as many episodes as I might catch, and I really don’t feel compelled to watch. I have to admit that I find it kind of interesting just not a passion. (Now the Amazing Race is a different story — for another time). Anyway I’ve often thought about what it might look like for a group of christians to play this game. How would you make decisions? Who do you vote off? And how would you do it as one trying to emulate Christ? Deceit seems to show its face in every show … would it become part of the Christian tribal plan as well? I find it encouraging that most tribal members understand that it is a game and many seem to truly wrestle with having to vote someone off.

I know that some of the participants have been Christians and they seemed to try to demonstrate Christ-like principles and character and they seem to have been treated well. I’m not really critiquing the show here. Just wondering. How would Christians play the game? Would they default to getting rid of the weakest or the strongest? Would God really care who won? Would the team pray for God’s direction? Would they seek God’s will?

Just a really odd and random thought today…


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