A Moratorium on Activity?

I have wondered for several years about the activity level of the church – especially growing churches. Being a pastor I know how important and helpful ministry programs can be. I also know that sometimes we get so busy that it is hard to actually spend time with the Lord of the Church. I once talked with a church leader that cancelled every activity in the church for a week. The staff spent time individually and corporately seeking God’s guidance and his perspective.

Today, one of my co-laborers sent me a quote from A. W. Tozer: “Sometimes I think the church would be better off if we would call a moratorium on activity for about six weeks and just waited on God to see what he is waiting to do for us.” I couldn’t locate the source but I did find this site that gets close and reminds us of the need to slow down and listen. Words for a different day, but words that deserve consideration today.

The leadership team of Crossroads Bible Church had a brief retreat this last weekend. We had the opportunity to see what happens when we intentionally come apart and allow our agenda to be set by the Holy Spirit. It was hard. Some want to get on the “real” decisions, the “important” discussions. Yet others found the experience adventurous. We stayed the course and hopefully found insight as a team. I know I was surprised and sensed God’s presence. I’m not sure what is to come from our time, but I sense God is in it! Just another reminder that maybe we need to quiet our activity. Psalm 46:10 is true – “Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” (NASB).


One response to “A Moratorium on Activity?

  • Mike Perrigoue

    Just stopping by to say “hi”. I noticed you and a few other men at your church have ties to John MacArthur and Grace Community Church. I have alot of respect for his ministry and discernment for solid biblical teaching. I’m assuming that Crossroads shares these same convictions?

    My brother-in-law is down at Master’s College right now completing his BA. He hasn’t decided if he will attend seminary or not. He mentioned that when he and his family get back to Washington they will probably attend Crossroads in Bellevue or Grace in Marysville (another Master’s Seminary guy).–>

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