Christmas Morning Musings

So … here I sit waiting for folks to arrive for our Christmas morning worship service. I figure only a few will be here, but I’m still glad that we decided to hold at least the one service. Christmas Eve, as expected, was packed twice. Driving in this morning it appeared that most were holding worship, but there were those with notices that there was nothing. Of course, the press has made the cancellation of Christmas Worship Services a huge story.

I think that more than how many attend I am pleased that we demonstrate a value to our world. Sunday, the first day of the week, is a fifty-two-times-a-year reminder of the resurrection. How sad is it that some (who knows how many) churches chose not to have Sunday worship as it might conflict with important family traditions. As important as family is, I’m not sure that the church should change its core to accommodate Christmas tradition. Maybe we would teach greater family values if we reminded people that meeting with God is of great value … something we sacrifice to do at times.

I wonder if the persecuted church around the world cancelled their worship today? American Christmas is often more about things other than Jesus.

Well, even if Jesus is the only one to show up today, I’m prepared to worship.


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