Green Pigs and other Oddities

So, now we can create green pigs. Something tells me that while this is an oddity for today, it might be a much larger ethical concern in the near future. Then again, maybe we need pets that can do double duty as a nightlight.

Phil Johnson takes on another worship trend today – Worship Karaoke. His reasons why entertainment doesn’t belong in worship make sense and apply far beyond this topic.

How about Scripture Poker Chips? I used to think that the doggie t-shirts (“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”), and “The Lord is my shepherd” pocket knifes were pushing the limits of Christian propriety in the name of making a buck. I’m not sure what to think of the Talking Bible Dolls!

Finally, there’s The Porpoise Driven Life — obviously tongue in cheek … I think? As Douglas Adams might say “So long, and thanks for all the fish“. Makes as much sense as some of the stuff we Christians seem to get distracted by.


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