The Deliberate Church: Building Your Ministry on the Gospel

Deliberate Church: Building Your Ministry on the Gospel is somewhat refreshing in a day of church growth books mainly focused on programs. I mentioned Mark Dever before, and this is the book I hoped to read. Hope fulfilled today. Not a flashy book. Not a whole lot of new insights. Just some key reminders that it is the Gospel that matters. A few quotes:

“Our power is not in having small groups, or meeting the felt needs of our target audience, or using the right evangelism program, or having funny skits, or providing plenteous parking, or targeting our ministry to post-moderns. Our power is in our unique message — the Gospel” (p. 27).

“We should be cultivating among our congregations a deep concern over the fame of God’s name to extend to other parts of the globe throughout the preaching of His Gospel to all the nations and for the corporate testimony of our own local church to functions as a manifestation of God’s wisdom and power to the authorities that hold sway under his sovereignty in the spiritual real” (p. 201).

“We need to be teaching people that a biblical church is about much more than simply meeting our felt needs for purpose, significance, fellowship, and mutual understanding. It is about the Glory of God in the Gospel of Christ” (p. 201)


2 responses to “The Deliberate Church: Building Your Ministry on the Gospel

  • Steve Minor

    Yes, this is VERY refreshing indeed. It’s nice to find a larger church (like Crossroads) that hasn’t sold out to this modern church growth movement.

    My current church has went Church Growth and Purpose Driven nuts. To the point that my family was no longer being fed–in fact, we found it was becoming a drag to go to church knowing we would have to weed through all of the chaff looking for a few lone morsels of wheat.

    Fortunately I’ve found quite a bit of material that shows why the Church Growth movement and the Purpose Driven movements (as opposed to Bible and Spirit Led).

    I’ll look into this book as well.

    Hopefully we’ll be visiting Crossroads church next Sunday (Feb 12th).

    In Christ,

  • Leo Ahearn

    There’s cretainly a lot of power in the quotes. An we all recognize that the examples in the 1st paragraph are valid ways to get people to hear the Gospel. Like everything else, we have to balance the end against the means

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