Have you ever wished …

… that you could start over and have everything still ahead of you? Some days that sounds like fun … but then I remember that it would mean doing EVERYTHING over again. I guess it would be pretty cool to start again knowing everything I know now, but then it wouldn’t be quite as fun.

Watching little ones discover the world is great. Sometimes they just enjoy the same thing over and over (ever had a kid with a book he loves?!) A walk with a little guy is pretty instructive. They seem enamored of things we take for granted – like a flower. They find “insignificant things” interesting. They notice bugs and birds. And they even seem to notice little things about people that us big folks miss. My grandson is aware of whether you came into the room wearing your glasses. If you take them off, he wants you to put them on. He notices if your sleeves are rolled up or not. I think God would like us (me) to notice more little things just to enjoy them. It was Jesus who told us to consider the lilies of the field …

Nothing really significant, but maybe that’s the point. The simple thought? Posted by Picasa


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