Now Here’s Something Fun . . .

G-TRAX Devo's Book 1: What's in a Leader is cool. Ron Fast is a co-worker and friend. Ron has a unique background in that he was born in India to missionary parents. He lived in India until he entered 7th grade when his family moved to Dallas, Oregon. Ron worked for Microsoft where he did database testing. Sensing the call of God to move into the youth ministries, he left the land of the Golden Handcuffs to become Director of Junior High Ministries at Crossroads Bible Church. Currently Ron is the Director of Technology at Crossroads – but many of us think he's still a Junior Higher! One of the things he did best was G-Trax, really creative Bible Study devotionals. He is now publishing these as e-books.

Junior High kids are wonderful and mysterious all at once. They are just beginning the wild ride of adolescence and discovering the new insights that come with abstract reasoning. And they need teachers that can bring the deep truthes of Scripture to them accurately, simply, and appropriately. Their attention span is usually short. They tend to learn even when we think they are distracted. They need heroes who care about them. Their parents are important but most are beginning to look beyond mom and dad to understand life. (That's why church youth group leaders can be so powerful – if they are competent adults that reinforce biblical values but are not the kid's parents). Anyway, Ron's stuff might help a Junior Higher you know. Check it out.

Digital books at Amazon are also a pretty cool idea.


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