On Fences and Such

One of my favorite little books is On Being a Servant of God by Warren Wiersbe. This guy is full of wisdom after so many years being a servant of God. I regularly find his words coming out of my mouth as I carry out my ministry tasks at Crossroads Bible Church. Most often it has been Wiersbe’s pithy insight that we shouldn’t take down a fence until we understand why it was put up. So often we want to change, or do away with, policies and procedures without thinking through the reasons they were created. Maybe they can, and should, be changed but I’ve found it worth the effort to find out why they exist they way they do before really making a mess of things.

I’ve learned to never adopt a method until I understood the principle behind it” has also saved my bacon a few times.

A couple more:

“People who tell you what kind of people they are usually aren’t”.

“Apart from character, ministry is only religious activity, or even worse, religious business.”

What do you think? Who’s words keep coming back to you?


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