Impressing Jesus

In Luke 21 we are provided an interesting juxtaposition of narrative. The disciples were impressed with Herod’s Temple. It was an impressive building, truly excellent. Jesus’ response? “It’s going to be destroyed.” He was more caught up with the beauty of a poor widow who put two small coins in the offering.

I’m trying to remember who pointed this out to me. I think it was Doug Webster in Selling Jesus but I failed to note the details in my journal. Whatever the source, the thought is important to remember. I find it so easy to be impressed with big things, nice things, “important” things. Jesus looked much deeper. This week I’m going to look for some small things like the widow’s gift that really impress Jesus. I won’t commit to doing any of those small things myself … I’m thinking that to do so might rob it of the very thing that matters. I’m praying that my redeemed heart my move me to quietly care about the right things.

mites.jpgNow here’s something somewhat ironic. I was looking for a picture of the widow’s coin (left) and found that I could actually buy widow’s mite jewelery from $199 – $599. I understand the dynamics … anything sells. I wonder if Jesus is impressed.


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