The God Who Dashes Hopes?

God is committed to destroying whatever is unworthy of himself and therefore unworthy of us. That may mean dashing our hopes if they are misplaced.

We say we want to walk by faith in Christ alone then we create elaborate “safety nets” under us. God has to kick those nets aside until we can only depend on him.

I have to admit that I do not particularly like the reality of either of these statements from William Hendricks in Exit Interviews. Probably because it means that God, who loves me without measure is going to dash my hopes and tear down my nets in order for me to be about his best. Even after 40 years of walking with Jesus I still put my hope in things that don’t bring life – and God has to change me. And I still like safety and try to figure out ways to take bold steps eliminating risk, but of course the safest place to be is wherever he is – even when the risk is enormous and there is no net.


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