Three More Thoughts on God

Reviewing my journals again and three thoughts I recorded in 1995 jumped out.  

If there is to be reformation and revival in our time, there must be a recovery of the doctrine of God’s sovereignty.

Michael Horton’s insight from Beyond Culture Wars published in 1994 is still quite valid today. We must keep God’s absolute power, dominion, rule, authority in mind if we wish to truly be about His will in this world. He has the right to do whatever He wishes, in whatever manner He wishes, with whomever he wishes. Too often we seem to forget this, at least in practice.

It is possible that the most important thing god has for me on any given day is not even on my agenda.

Bruce Larsen’s point is hard to take, but very true. I often plan my day, decide my priorities, and set my schedule only to find it interrupted by seemingly trivial things. Larsen’s insight gives me confidence that God is it work even in the trivial even though I don’t understand how if fits into his plan. 

Which leads to Old Testament theologian Bruce Waltke’s insight which ties these two thoughts together.

Simply because God has a plan doesn’t mean he has any intention of sharing it with us.


One response to “Three More Thoughts on God

  • Leo Ahearn

    The 2nd quote struck me between the eyes. I’m trying to find a way to remind myself of that each monring before I head out.

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