Pulpit Magazine Online

Pulpit Magazine is now available to the general blogosphere. It began as an online magazine primarily for pastors who were members of the Shepherds’ Fellowship which is “a ministry to church leaders who are committed to the purity of the Gospel, the inerrancy of Scripture, and a biblical philosophy of ministry.”

This is the only place online (that I know of) where John MacArthur weighs in with his writing. John is one of the great Bible teachers, with whom I had the privelege of serving for 14 years. He has continued to be a model and a mentor from afar. I appreciated his insights here on the difference between “what a passage means” and “what this verse means to me.

The editors explain their intent: “Instead of just limiting Pulpit Magazine to pastors, we now want to make the contents of Pulpit accessible to everyone. And, instead of posting a group of articles every eight weeks, we now plan to post one new article every weekday. We also hope that our readers (meaning you) will interact with the articles, and that profitable discussions will result from what is written.” I’m looking forward to joining in. Read more about Pulpit Magazine and contributors here.


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