Another Warning to Us All

I don’t know Ted Haggard. I don’t know all his doctrinal positions or how well he preaches. I DO know what most of the rest of the nation now knows … he has experienced failure in ministry. It appears that his church has responded properly. He seems to be owning his failure. Time will bring truth. This is a blow to the church of Jesus but it is not fatal. Nothing can destroy the church, not even it’s leaders. The image may be marred, but God has an amazing way of bringing glory to himself through the darkest of times – and giving us a “wake-up call” about the state of the church. I appreciate what Pyro Phil had to say as the story broke. Challies’ post today is very insightful.

I also know that all believers – especially those of us “in ministry” – should be reminded to take time to examine ourselves. Are we guarding ourselves against the weaknesses of our flesh? Do we deal with the things that may discourage us to the point of giving in to something to “ease the pain?” Do we have thoughts about being entitled because we “give so much?” More importantly, do we practice the Scriptures that remind us that God is our strength and shield? Do we aggressively pursue those practices of heart that will keep us from sin? Do we deal stringently with the thoughts that will ensare us?  And not just sexual thoughts by the way. Time again for us all to take time to consider our hearts! Maybe Wayde Goodall’s book is a good place to start. He goes beyond the walls of the church and ministry, but there seems to be some common threads. Or, maybe Rima and McIntosh’s Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership. Take heed to yourselves. I think it might be wiser than tossing stones.


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