Memo: Old is In?

music-hands.jpgSome days I wonder if I wasn’t copied on the memo. You know, when everyone seems to be wearing the same color except you, or when the small talk around the church seems to be about the same, unexpected topic. I understand when it happens in blogland since most of just link to others who link to others who ….

Anyway, I found it interesting that I participated in no less than four “church-foyer-small-talk” discussions about how “nice it was to sing so many hymns lately”, and “we could have had old-time revival altar calls with all the hymns we’re singing.” Our worship is blended, and I’ve not paid attention to how many hymns we have been singing, but I’ve recently thought that worship in general has been moving back towards some older songs and hymns. Then I read Challies today and find he’s thinking the same thing.

And that gave me something to blog today after a week of being “blahed out” by allergies, rain, dark days.

On a happier note, the Seahawks just squeaked by the Rams again!

Baby FaceAnd Linda spent some time with babies today. I love the joy I see in my wife when she holds one of the little ones in the nursery.


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