The Nativity Story – A Movie Review

No, I haven’t seen this film yet, but Al Mohler has, and he liked it. You can read his review here. I’m sure that many will have problems with anyone trying to put the life of Christ to film, but it is done so the question really comes to how accurate is the story that is told?

Should the story of Jesus be reduced to film? That question is not as easily dismissed as some might think. Nevertheless, The Nativity Story is the first major Hollywood studio film in many years to deal with a biblical story. In fact, World magazine reviewer Steve Beard reports that The Nativity Story is the first such release from a major studio since Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments.

Dr. Mohler notes that the filmmakers seem to have given more than lip-service to biblical accuracy.

When it comes to the virgin birth, the divinity, and the saving mission of the Christ Child, the movie never blinks. Cinematographers may find fault with the presentation of the angels and the voice of God, but I have the sense that where the director had to choose between accuracy and artistry, accuracy often won. For that decision Christians should be thankful.

There are so-called “Christians” that tend to waffle on the virgin birth, divinity and mission of Christ so I’m looking forward to having the opportunities that this film might bring to speak truth about who Jesus is.


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