A New Place to Create … and Waste Some Time

If you enjoy music and exploring new artists you might like Pandora. I tend to get tired of listening to the same songs over and over, but I do like finding new stuff that has similar qualities to the music I like. Enter the music genome project and I’ve played with this a litte and found it interesting and fun. You can create and develop music lists on the fly … giving thumbs up or thumbs down to whatever is playing at the time and you will refine your play list. I suppose it is ultimately possible to eliminate everything buy Amy Grant, but the time I’ve spent opened up some new listening options.

I wonder if we could create something like this for preachers and sermons. Set up a radio station with sermons that sound like “Jerry Mitchell” or “Jayson Turner”. I wonder if “John MacArthur” or “Mark Driscoll” would start playing?


2 responses to “ A New Place to Create … and Waste Some Time

  • Mrs. M-V

    Mr. Jack,

    I attended Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA when I was a young girl in the 70’s. I rememeber my youth leader’s name was Tim Jack. I found your site and am wondering if you were working in the youth at the time and at that church? I also rememeber a dear frined that was killed and I am wondering if it was your sister, Kathy. I added my email address when I entered this comment. If you are this same Mr. Jack, would you be willing to contact me?

  • Tim Jack

    Mrs. M-V: Well, that would be me. I was Junior High pastor at Grace Community throughout the 70’s and my sister Cathy was killed by a friend playing with a gun. I went on to high school pastor through 1985 when we moved to Seattle area as associate pastor. Still there.

    But now you have to tell me who you are so I can see how well I remember. Your email bounced back as undeliverable. You can check our address at as well.

    Tim Jack

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