Some Links of Potential Interest

Cliche Finder is an interesting tool. Just cut and paste your writing into the text box and click the button. Your text will be compared against the Associated Press Guide to News Writing list of cliches. Just don’t try it against my writing.

Askville is a new beta site by Might have some interesting uses if they can keep the smart-alecks out. Depending on the questions it might open some opportunities to share truth about Jesus. There are a few questions under some of the more “christian” tags.

43 Things gives some insights into the motivating desires of people. The idea is to list 43 things you want to do with your life and link up with others that might have the same things on their lists. Since it is funded by and has Google ads I’m sure there is a hope that you might also find some resources for which you would be willing to put out some cash. Still it does provide some insight into the “desires of a man’s heart”. More info is here.

Pixsy let’s you search millions of photographs found on the web. Be wise in what you search for.

PDF Pad will fulfill a need for certain people who like paper, charts, lines, and such.


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