The Strength of Preaching One Verse at a Time

Matt at Expository Thoughts has some excellent thoughts on consecutive exposition of the Scripture, which he believes is the best method for a preacher who is in the pulpit on a regular basis. I agree with Matt. (Probably not a surprise to anyone who knows me since I cut my ministry teeth under John MacArthur and I’ve worked for the last 21 years with Jerry Mitchell, the Senior Pastor of our church – both of whom are consecutive expositors going verse-by-verse through the Scriptures, book-by-book.)

I like this post because it outlines some of the benefits to preaching in this manner as opposed to the primarily topical method that so many would hold forth as the model for today’s church. In fact, the author of a book I’m currently reading holds that one of the reasons men don’t come to church is because of preaching that is too academic or demands too much of the hearer – you know, expository preaching.

I tend to do “random exposition” when I have opportunity to preach – mainly because I don’t preach regularly. Though I did do a ten-year series on 1 Peter – just taking the next section of the book each time I filled the pulpit for Jerry. The amazing thing was how well people seemed to remember the context of the book and the flow of the argument, even when there were months between messages. I’d do a recap of sorts to set the context every time – something learned from Dr. MacArthur. Even that less than perfect continuous expostion of the Scripture demonstrated Waymayer’s reasons numbered 2 through 8. By the way, just so there is no confusion, I’m not in the same league with MacArthur or Mitchell when it comes to preaching. I do enjoy being on the team!


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