Random Stuff

My daughter was in an accident this week. The other car hit and ran with no witnesses. She’s out of work for two weeks and out some bucks too. Her attitude probably trumps what mine would be.

I read a lot of books. Few make me laugh out loud. This one did. I think it might make women roll their eyes, but guys will learn a lot about the differences between men and women. Like, “While men enjoy normal movies involving submarines and explosions and daring rescues, women prefer movies that involve British actors and shrubbery and agonizingly slow plots. And they want you to watch these movies with them.” Of course it may be that I’m just in a strange mood and things just seem funny.

Unashamed Workman is a blog I came across this morning. I like it. I’ll be back. It is now on my blogroll. Colin has put some time into building a great blog (unlike your’s truly). He has dug out some great articles from the blogosphere. Like this one by Mark Driscoll on pastoral burnout, and this one on leadership.

Steve Camp talks about Satan and his strategy for the church. “He will not demand a cross, but will only speak of a better way to successful living. His ‘gospel’ focuses on man and his needs; not with God and His glory.”

This would be an interesting Sunday School class to attend. If you can’t make it to Scottsdale every week, you can download the lessons here.

Here’s a Google mashup that Bible students will love.

Detail oriented, planning tech types will love this post!

Thanks to Travis Carden for this Grace to You archive of John MacArthur messages. Not just mp3 files – you can download written transcipts as well!


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