Things You Learn from a Three Year Old

img_1241.jpgimg_1228.jpgLast weekend Linda and I had a great time away in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our Scottish daughter was in town for a NeiuCommunities meeting, our son and his family joined us for a night. It was fun to see Jenny get to know her niece and nephew, and for us all to enjoy one-another’s company, but the real insights from the weekend came from Henry James, the newly minted 3 year old.

I learned a lot from Henry:

  • everything looks really amazing when you are looking out at the world from the 17th floor!
  • there is always something worth seeing if you keep looking.
  • when you look down at cars from that height, they look like toys and it is frustrating when you can’t find them when you go outside downstairs.
  • there is really no end to the questions that one can ask about things … Cars
    • what’s that?” a cargo ship. “what’s it doing?” coming into the harbor to leave its cargo – things like toys and cars. “what kind of toys?” I don’t know. “Why?”
    • “what is that airplane doing?” taking off. “Why?” to take people somewhere. “Where?” I’m not sure, maybe to their home? why is the plane yellow? when will it come back? why does it land on the water?
  • no one should have to sit still in any restaurant for as long as it takes most of us to eat.
  • there are at least a dozen ways to sit in a chair … most of which will not work for an adult.
  • no matter how good the food, dessert is always the best.
  • “wearing” your img_1259.jpgfood is fun.
  • you can say things like “I don’t like auntie JJ” and no one believes you.
  • “creative” art, say, like an upside-down church is just wrong.
  • big glass windows that are really, really clean are a bummer when you don’t see them and think you can run outside to look at cool things.
  • mom can make things better no matter what – even if a big glass window knocks you down.
  • kid hugs are pretty neat.


 There is so much more to be said and learned. I like Henry.


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