Man Stuff

Al Mohler has put the porn temptation into the proper context. This excerpt with links to the entire message is very insightful. I know of at least three men who claim to be Christians “live alone” in their marriage … and wonder why their wives can’t seem to “get it.” Aargh!

In two earlier posts, Mohler seeks to answer the question “When does a boy become a man?” Part 1 is here, Part 2 here. A summary of the 13 marks. Notice that consuming large amounts of alcohol and acting stupid, viewing porn and acting stupid, and using women (which is acting stupid) are not on the list:

  1. Spiritual maturity sufficient to lead a wife and children.
  2. Personal maturity sufficient to be a responsible husband and father.
  3. Economic maturity sufficient to hold an adult job and handle money.
  4. Physical maturity sufficient to work and protect a family.
  5. Sexual maturity sufficient to marry and fulfill God’s purposes.
  6. Moral maturity sufficient to lead as an example of righteousness.
  7. Ethical maturity sufficient to make responsible decisions.
  8. Worldview maturity sufficient to understand what is really important.
  9. Relational maturity sufficient to understand and respect others.
  10. Social maturity sufficient to make a contribution to society.
  11. Verbal maturity sufficient to communicate and articulate as a man.
  12. Character maturity sufficient to demonstrate courage under fire.
  13. Biblical maturity sufficient to lead at some level in the church.

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