Random Links

I’m not sure how some people have time to develop blog posts every day! This has been one of those weeks where it’s been hard to find time to get some quality time in Scriptures much less time to write. Therefore, I bring out a few odd links that I’ve been saving. 

I’ve not often found anyone who writes about the “announcement wars” in church. Cory Miller has and I think he makes some very good points.

I’m not sure what to make of this site. It seems we once again mimic rather than innovate. Do we really think that unchurched people will seek this out? I’m just not sure. Maybe I’m just not with it.

This young lady gets her wisdom from somewhere. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the source, but I’m proud to be called her dad. This post is pretty insightful. The quote at the end is great!

I was this blogger’s High School Pastor in Southern California. I’m pretty sure I had little to do with where the journey has taken him, but I like the insights he has into the missional church conversation. I still don’t like the term all that much but Dave is adding wisdom to the conversation and maybe I’ll change my mind.

You can’t get these pens in stationery stores in the USA. You can get them here. Great value if you like very fine point pens. They also have some cute stuff that seems to be popular in Japan.

[added 3/31] This service looks pretty interesting. I read about it in the Seattle Times this morning. I’ll try it and let you know if it adds value.

And that should be enough for now. From the blog ranked 627,892 on Technorati.com.


One response to “Random Links

  • Dave DeVries

    I just saw your link to my blog! Thanks.
    I have to say that you had a HUGE influence in my life while I was in High School and I am eternally grateful.
    I look forward to sitting down with you over a great cup of coffee and enjoying some “missional” conversation.
    Here is my simple explanation of the word “missional” — it describes being a missionary everywhere you are! It is about aligning your life with the redemptive mission of Jesus in the world. It includes recognizing that every believer has been sent by Jesus as a missionary with the good news of salvation to their specific geographic and cultural context. Just as God sent Jesus, now Jesus sends all believers (John 20:21).
    For the mission of the King,
    Dave DeVries

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