I Wonder . . .

… what would happen in the church if members truly desired men of God to preach the Word of God so desperately that they would develop a work and ministry plan like this one. So often today it seems that pastors feel pressure to do far too many things to keep the organization running, keep the people happy, keep up the appearance of success, that spiritual work is set aside. And preachers just forget the priorities and need to be reminded of the call and priorities of the pulpit. Yes, we are in a different era, with different methodologies abounding, and biblical resources for everyone almost without end. Yet … God will work amazing and powerful things through the local church preacher of proven character under the control of the Holy Spirit who infuses his message with that which only God can give and provokes godly responses (like repentance) more than a “feel-good” improved self-esteem.


One response to “I Wonder . . .

  • Hezekiah Akintunde

    This is a good piece. May God Almighty continues
    to bless you, as you propagate the Gosphels of our
    Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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