Change and Faith

Whoever wants to live Christianity that’s not a sham must reckon with a little noted peculiarity about life: It is a dish served up one moment at a time. Failure to reckon sufficiently with this fact renders faith an abstraction, and there is no such thing as faith in the abstract. There is faith or there is sentimentality.

This is the opening statement by Andree Seu in her in the April 7, 2007 essay in World Magazine. It fit well with the theme I have been encountering in my life and work lately – constant change and how God works in the midst of it. Seu writes that “because life is a new thing every moment, faith must be new every moment too.” It struck me that maybe God is most at work in developing my life and character in the midst of change. Change requires us to renew our faith. Constant change requires us to do so constantly. That sounds like an interesting growth plan. And we don’t often get to know what the change is really about, or why we face it. If we did know then faith might not really be required. Seu’s quote from Francis Schaeffer adds practicality:

“This morning’s faith will never do for this noon. The faith of this noon will never do for supper time. The faith of supper time will never do for the time of going to bed” (True Spirituality).

Change and faith go hand-in-hand, or so it seems this season. I’m thinking that I like Andree’s self-diagnostic of faith quality. The anxiety in my heart at any given moment, over any given circumstance might be the best indicator of whether I am trusting in God’s care, believing His promises … or not.


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