Worship and the Presence of God

This article by Daniel Radmacher in the latest Biola Connection magazine poses an interesting question. Can a worship leader’s desire for the presence of God in worship actually cloud our understanding of that presence? It is an article very much worth reflection. Radmacher suggests that some of the confusion is created by importing Old Testament ideas and language about God’s presence into the New Testament era in which we live. He also says that “our desire for His “manifest presence” in worship might have more to do with our appetite for experience than with His glory or our growth. ”

His conclusion? God is already in our worship. He indwells us and does his work in us – at least he does if we are truly saved. that will impact our worship.

While God will occasionally empower our worship in an exhilarating way, making us all aware of His presence in a more dramatic fashion, I believe that the work of His Spirit is usually quiet and internal — a still, small voice inside. It is this kind of “manifest presence” that I desire and expect to see on a regular basis and, I believe, is the manifestation that we should pray and hope for in our gatherings.


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