In Praise of Margin

Margin is a good thing. Not the butter substitute, rather the practice of building in extra space, or extra time. We built in an extra day on this Moscow trip which turned out to be a very good thing because we needed it. Our flight out of Seattle was delayed by two hours. Which meant we would arrive 5 minutes after our connecting flight to Russia left. Not much you can do about that – getting really upset with the agent just doesn’t fix anything (besides I’m teaching on 1 Peter this week and this opportunity to demonstrate excellent behavior was kind of obvious). It was a bit frustrating to discover that the next flight we could take was going to require a 9 hour layover … meaning we would do the double red-eye trip … but at least we would still have time to acclimate some and rest before a week of ministry. Margin is a good thing.

It was also nice that both in Seattle and in London we were able to get access to the airline lounges … something that they made clear they are loathe to do for those who travel in the cattle class. I’m pretty sure that 1 Peter is talking about some significant suffering for the sake of Christ, far more than what we endured on our 9.5 hour coach flight with the recliner king and queen in front of us. (You know them – they fully recline their seat immediately and make really rude noises or faces if you should then happen to touch their seat in any way). We did have plent of opportunity to practice the principles Peter teaches though. Oh how spoiled we are …


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