A Whole Different Kind of Church

Tim Keller has a two part series on church size. Unfortunately only part one is online so far. He builds on Lyle Schaller’s understanding that a large church is not just a bigger edition of a small church, but rather something completely different. Most of his thoughts ring true – and should prove helpful to those considering what is going on when their church begins to grow. The church where I serve has been wrestling with some of these issues over the past 3-4 years. Sometimes it just takes time to figure things out.

I also liked Ministry Can Be Dangerous to Your Spiritual Health by Keller in the March 2007 newsletter from his church. Please note that he wrote this for everyone in his church, not just the leaders – good stuff. In fact, you might want to check out other stuff he’s done here.


One response to “A Whole Different Kind of Church

  • Gary

    Keller’s article on church size is very interesting. It identifies some issues that I had noticed but didn’t recognize as being related to small vs. large church, and it reinforces other issues I suspected all along. It’s encouraging to know that some of those issues may be normal and okay. The questions it raises for me (not the first time) are things like: What size are we behaving like? What size are we geared to handle? What size has God actually made us? What do we need to change to do the best we can at that size? Is there a size at which God wants us to freeze? If so, what does He want us to do if He keeps sending us people?

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