Simply the Church

Thabiti had an insightful post on the “mere-ness” of the church a while back. I took note of it for a future blog because I liked the theme. We seem to have made “church” into something complicated, programmatic, consumer based in approach. In the process we may have lost the simple truth of the church being the people of God living out their redeemed lives as he directs, leads, and calls. I have often wondered what might happen if we were to cancel all meetings other than worship services for a couple of weeks – no youth groups, children’s ministries, adult classes, small groups, or committees. Maybe opportunities for personal discipleship and prayer could stay. Would we still have church?  

In this intitial post Thabiti focuses on preaching which often becomes embellished in the hopes of making church interesting. He writes:

It seems that the more adorned the church is in its corporate life the less nimble, attractive, permeable, and useful. The more we add to what might be termed the simplicity of the church, the more foreign and inhospitable we make it to the wide range of men and women who need to be in her. The more we dress her in worldly pearls and gaudy jewelry, which comes in many forms, the weaker she is under the heaviness of a wardrobe not meant for militant, war-time life.

He builds this theme out over a few more posts in June. Click here and scroll to review the mereness of the church’s mission, singing, and it’s life together. Here’s to being merely the church!


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