Stuff I’ve Been Collecting That Probably Won’t Change Your Life

It has been one of those seasons where writing blog posts has been a bit tough. Motivation, ideas, and time has been a bit hard to come by so it is a good day to share some links I’ve been collecting for these days: 

  • There might be a lesson for preachers and teachers somewhere in this video. If not there is at least a good chuckle. 
  • Thanks to the guys at eMinistry for pointing us to this helpful presentation that should improve the use of PowerPoint in ministry presentations.
  • Crosswire is an interesting project creating free, open source Bible study software for diverse platforms.
  • What would you do with this high speed internet access? I know I’m just a bit jealous…
  • You could create some really awful publications with these free fonts. Go ahead, add to your collection. You know you want to.
  • Weird facts and unusual uses for products you probably use. This site could be addicting for trivia addicts.
  • Signs that you are not in Kansas anymore.
  • How Gullible are We?

OK, that’s enough. I’m considering serious and spiritual posts for the next few days. Anything you want to read about?


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