Nothing Like a Little Vacation

I took a few days off with Mrs. Random (aka Linda) in honor of our 36th anniversary. Very nice trip over the border and across the water to Victoria, British Columbia. I really enjoy time away with Linda … thankfully she enjoys time with me as well (thus 36 years!). Didn’t do much. We ate too well. We enjoyed walking around the inner harbor. And it is nice to sleep in for a couple days without guilt. We did look for whales too … took a three hour tour … Linda really likes whales … and we got to see a few greys and humpbacks feeding.

It usually takes a few days to disentangle from my church responsibilities before I can really rest … just about as many days as we took off. Of course, it doesn’t help that I usually tend to check email when away. The night before we left I received two demanding and critical notes … the kind that had not-so-subtle undertones of “you need to solve my problem NOW!” The kind that pretty much threatened to hang around the back of my mind begging to be dealt with. So … I asked God for some help in wisely letting these things wait without feeling guilty, and for some discipline in trusting him with whatever needed to be done back at church — i.e., not checking that email account. My intentions were reinforced by a quirky hotel wireless system that worked only when we needed to get information about things like ferry schedules or places to eat. Thank you Lord!

I’m sure that there will be lots of surprises in my inbox tomorrow morning … I decided not to check in tonight … and I’ll probably begin dreaming about a longer time away.  


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