More Reflections on Desert Journeys

There are some things we can only learn in the desert. At least that is the conclusion I have come to. As Christians we’ll take our desert journey for a variety of reasons that we may not understand. It might be due to sin, or circumstances, but in every case it is ultimately due to God’s desire to develop character in us.

SO….what happens when we get into the metaphorical desert?

We learn…
We fail…
We cry out…
We listen…
We thirst…
We become dependent on God!

Deserts remind us of TOTAL DEPENDENCE.

This really isn’t a choice you get…you ARE dependent, even if you do not want to be, even if you don’t “choose”, you are totally dependent upon the kindness (aka, the grace) of God. I know, I know, you begin to say (like this writer whose name I have forgotten), “When we hear the phrase “totally trust in God,” most of us probably sigh, hearing it as one more requirement that we have never been able to live up to” – especially in the desert.  

Another thing you find out in this wilderness is that in the desert God strips away all pretense of appearance. The desert is a place to listen and not do. There are a whole lot of us who are so busy, living lives that are so cluttered that we are at wits’ end. If we would just stop doing for the sake of appearance for a while, we might hear the God of the universe whisper to us, “I love you.” And if we won’t stop on our own God might just have a surprise desert journey planned.
In the desert we also find that skill is not enough; talent is not enough; appearance is not enough. At least not for the things that really matter. In fact, talent, skill, appearance are all overrated (probably a god blog topic for the future).


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