A Little Pride

One of the most basic lessons in Christianity is that the source of all sin is pride. But it is easier to see pride in others than it is to see pride in myself (I bet most readers have the same problem). In a recent message to our church I shared some manifestations of pride that I have too often found in myself – something Doyle Roth in Oops! I Forgot My Wife made clear.

  • Self-Centeredness – far too often I can think that the universe actually revolves around me.
  • Self-absorption – I can be so preoccupied with myself to the exclusion of everything else.
  • Selfwilled – I want what I want when I want it no matter what God may want.
  • Self-Righteous – so easily caught up in thinking that I am intrinsically better than others.
  • Self-pity – “poor me.”
  • Self-serving – It is so easy to define or color things to serve my best interests … you know, “I do what is good for you because it serves me.”
  • Self-Indulgent -I do what I want because I want to … actually, because I deserve it.
  • Self-sufficient – I don’t need anyone. I’ve got things “wired.” I don’t need to ask directions.
  • Self-defensive – It is amazing how quickly I can give reasons for my behavior. Also how quickly I can go from there to making excuses.
  • Self-justifying – I know why I do what I do, and I have a “valid” reasons for why it was best to serve myself.
  • Self-… – ok now I’m feeling pretty bad about myself (self-absorption?) and think you get the idea about how bad I am (self-pity?).

As Christians the amazing thing is that Jesus still loves us, and that is the only hope we have of dealing with the sin of pride – no matter how endemic.  I do hope that I’m demonstrating fewer characteristics of pride each day. I trust that all of us who follow Jesus are.

I’m feeling a bit vulnerable now … I think I’ll find a more enjoyable topic next time.

 Charles Jefferson said, “Every man has a peacock within him hungering after crumbs – don’t feed the peacock.


One response to “A Little Pride

  • Dave DeVries

    Thanks for your vulnerability. Most pastors fail to see how self-centered and self-righteous and self-absorbed and self-serving and self-willed we really are.

    Many times we think that these terms describe our life before Christ and not our life as a Christian.

    Your post reminds me of something I was told recently – “No one needs the gospel more than a missionary.” And I would suggest it’s true to say – “No one needs the gospel more than a pastor.”

    We all need the gospel daily. We need to gossip the gospel to one another. We need to give up our pride and understand that our selfishness is rooted deep within us – even after we come to faith in Jesus.

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