So what personality type are you? Here’s an interesting way to get your Miers-Briggs letters. They say I’m an ISTJ.

Tim Challies has a post about organizing a personal library. He’s using LibraryThing. I wrote about this site in a post two years ago and wasn’t sure I wold find it all that helpful. Now I use it all the time. My library is listed here. Some users are using it to list books they want to purchase/read. It is a flexible tool for bibliophiles. I might even get rid of my Amazon wish list …

This is why I will probably never enjoy Korea (at least Korean buffets?).

Netflix for Books? I think the public library works just as good … and it is free.

This might be an interesting tool to put on a website. It doesn’t tell how many may die because of reading my stuff. It might be kind of creepy, but it does make one think.


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