Willing to Change?

We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”Max DePree

As much as we might believe this pithy insight, we consistently fight against it. Most of us really dislike change – especially when it requires us to change. We tend to like change when it is others that must change. As Howard Butt says, “If only I can somehow get other people to change their ways, life will be wonderful for me.”I think that one reason we don’t like change is that we are often sinfully proud. OK, I am sinfully proud. You can sniff out your own reasons, but I bet they will come back to pride at some point. We can get so upset that something is changing that affects OUR world, OUR life, OUR sense of propriety, OUR comfort, OUR apparent rank in the world. And in doing so we miss out that God may be at work in the midst of the change bringing opportunities to our lives to become what we need to be. It takes humility to become like Jesus – but we tend towards demandingness – usually displayed in a sulky, whiny, attitude of complaint. Humility lets me understand that change that “happens” to me is often used by God to bring change into me.Butt reminds us that humility requires that we consider God as our basic premise. If God is, then all of my self-importance … is unrealistic. And it is usually my self-importance that gets me off track when things change in ways I don’t like. Of course, fighting against inevitable change is one of the ways God tends to break our pride and build our humility.


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