Nothing Wrong With Being an Introvert

This is an insightful article on introverts. There really is nothing wrong with them. Or should I say … us. Yep, no brainer for those who know me. I am an introvert. I do like people. I do like being with people. I do like parties. But I do need to pull away to recharge. I like being alone sometimes. I’m glad that God made introverts and extroverts. I have found a couple of folks that seem to think that the introvert side is broken. I think not. What do you think?


3 responses to “Nothing Wrong With Being an Introvert

  • Gary

    I like the article. One of the things that really helped me understand all this was the explanation (mentioned above and in this article as well) that one of the defining differences between introverts and extroverts is how they recharge. As an introvert, being with people can be fun, enlightening, fulfilling, but it’s also draining – it’s a net drain overall, and I need time alone to recharge. For an extrovert, being alone dries them up, while being with people is a net energizing and rejuvenating experience.

    That doesn’t mean that extroverts hate to be alone – I know a couple extroverts that periodically just need to close themselves away somewhere and get quiet for a while. Likewise, not all introverts are hermits, like you say above.

    It’s also not the case that you have to be an extrovert to fulfill biblical commandments like loving and serving others. I’ve seen some very deep caring and serving being done by introverts, often at a deeper level than the extrovert who skims quickly across a number of people at once.

  • waltzingaustralia

    As an introvert, I have to agree — introverts are just fine, thank you. And God did not make an error in wiring some of us to be introverts. Where would civilization be if there were no people who got energized by problem solving and deep thinking?

    Another sign of introverts that I’ve read about relates to laughter — folks who are extroverts are more likely to laugh out loud, while introverts are more likely to just smile (they do sometimes laugh out loud, it is just vastly less common than among extroverts).

    Anyway, most enjoyable post. And the site is interesting. I liked that Pyromaniacs link. Thanks.

  • Tim Brown

    My name is Tim Brown and I am a non-repentant introvert.

    I’ve been this way all my life. I struggle with focusing on things and being irritated when I get interrupted. As a matter of fact, I was really bad when I was a computer professional. I had to literally force myself to look at people instead of the screen I was working with. I had a problem viewing people as “interruptions”. Ever try to fix a bizarre computer problem while someone is babbling at you in the background? AAAhhhGGG!

    The Lord made, shall we say, *arrangements* to get me out of that profession at least at the full time level. I now do health care (personal, in home stuff). I prefer this. I get introverted enough through my blogging and other things. At least this way, people aren’t an irritation. I don’t make near what I did before but I am sure my blood pressure is lower…and that is good.

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