Warning … Satire

It has been an unusual week for me … both at church and at home. Not a bad week, just unusual. But there has been little time to consider posting. But I’ve had a few links I’ve been considering but a bit hesitant to post since they are based on satire – and there are some people that truly don’t get it – which means there may be a few offended folks in my vast readership. But I have to do something to distract from the Seahawks choking. Maybe the best thing about satire is that it can’t help but make you think. The unfortunate thing is that some think these sites are “true.”  

Lark News has been around for quite a while. The lead article for November is an interesting concept … and an apt illustration of satire. Just about everyone would agree that it is God that brings results, but amazingly there are churches that are pretty close to considering “pay-for-performance” – really.

Glen Schaumloeffel sent me the link to TBNN (Team Tominthebox News Network). Before you dismiss this as being a bit “too over-the-top” you might want to take a trip to your local christian retail outlet; or just listen to couple of emergent postmodernists chat for a while. I liked the post about Krakozhia. I hope no one tries this church growth plan! Remember, we’re talking satire here, though they do some serious posts as well.

Finally, there’s The Church You Know a seriously satirical video site with a couple of kickers. I may not appreciate everything here, but it sure makes you think, even when they go a bit beyond where we may feel comfortable (e.g., this post?). And some are pretty pointed, like this one on pastors.

Douglas Wilson has a lot to say about godly satire. Doug does a lot with the genre, but this post is seriously helpful.


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