Grasshopper … It’s About Character

Deadly Viper Character Assassins is a book that reminds us that character is always under attack. It is not long, it is not deep, it is not particularly Christian (though the authors, Mike Foster and Jud Wilhite are believers). It is creative and thought-provoking, using martial arts metaphors to discuss some of the assassins out there just waiting to take out anyone who is not being careful to protect their character. Men and women both could find this an interesting little book but I think it will resonate most with men. (For those CBC guys that struggle to read a book a year, you could get through this one in an airplane ride!) This is the kind of book that begs to be used by a couple of guys willing to be authentic and honest with one another – discussing how they might deal with these enemies as Christian men.

Are you prepared for the assassin of Boom Chicka Wah Wah? How about the Bling Bling assassin? I’m pretty sure you have encountered them – probably more than once. I hope you won. Most of us can tell the very moment when we made a choice that compromised our integrity or character even before it ever became known to others. Deady Viper is a brief encouragement to watch for those moments and choices before they take us out.


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