The Passing of a Friend

Roby Duke was unique. He didn’t fit any of the categories into which I tend to put people. He was a wonderful musician. Also an encourager, an honest critic, a loving and loyal friend to those who knew him. I loved his sense of humor. He had some pretty cool music. He brought out the best in musicians around him. He was one of those guys you would call “real”.

Roby entered heaven this week.

I talked with Roby just days ago. He led our Christmas Eve service and was amazed and pleased at the way God put things together – especially the spontaneous “solo” of a little girl. He was so excited about some good things happening in his life. And, he was, as always, appreciative of folks in the church who had demonstrated Jesus to him.

A former co-worker who is new to blogging, has a great post about Roby who today beholds the Lion of Judah who for our salvation battled and won.



2 responses to “The Passing of a Friend

  • timbrown527


    Just to let you know my thoughts are with you. Sounds like an incredible friend.

    This is where the Gospel truly is “good news”.

    To God be the Glory.

    Blessings to you my friend!

  • Dave Raynor


    Roby was my friend and neighbor here in Brier, WA. He lived about 10 blocks from me. We hung out, played guitars, talked about anything but music, eat day old bacon… was wonderful. A temporary gift from God, I believe. I performed with Roby December 9th at Timberlake Church’s Christmas concert. I played my Martin D-35, sat right next to the Robe and his sone Brantley was on stage with us. Brantley sand a verse in the tune we did. Afterwards, Roby told me what a gas it was to finally share the stage with his son. There were a lot of unforseen goodbyes that month. They found Roby in hois home studio Thursday December 27th on the floor…gone. They figured he passed away from a masive heart attach on Wednesday December 26th, 2007.
    Man…..Christmas will never be the same. I miss my friend. Be safe in God’s arms Roby!

    Your friend.

    Dave Raynor

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