Consumers Only Have Rights

I wrote about Shopping for God a few months back. I came across this summary and review that really does the author justice. Reading the post, I was reminded of the dangers of creating church consumers:

The danger of creating religious consumers lies not only in the cheapening of holy things, but in the diminishment of long-term commitment. [continues, quoting Twitchell]

Citizens have rights and responsibilities, but consumers have only rights, with virtually no responsibilities. Gimme. Feed me. Save me. To be a shopper/seeker is to be privileged, exempt from duties. After all, the shopper/seeker has a mission. Nowhere is this clearer than in the rise of a new kind of church that ministers not only to spiritual issues but to the feel-good entitlement of brand-shifting shoppers. It’s a ministry of what are called “felt needs.” It’s a ministry of experiences, and a direct function of supply surplus. (90-91)

Interesting insight from someone who admits he is not a follower of Jesus and who admires many American churches as one the best examples of American marketing. (Twitchell teaches marketing and Branding.)


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