Planning a Vacation

Shameless diary type post today: 

So … we finally get our dates and destination for our free flights from Dockers/JC Penny’s Promotions. We got our first choice of destination … and even our first choice of dates … with a few days added on each side. So April 1 we fly out to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a two-week vacation in the sun! (As I write this Linda just mentioned how cold it was in the living room). We don’t even have to take flights that are terrible … just one stop in Washington, D.C.

We decided to make this trip an adventure, not knowing for sure exactly where we’d be (or when) until a few weeks before our we’d leave, helped us refrain from too much advance planning. That makes it kind of fun. I’m looking forward to some down time in the sun and with that in mind we were able to get a a last minute reasonable rate on a cruise for some of the days and now we’re trying to find just the right hotel (hopefully near a beach!) for the other days. If you know any great places to stay, things to see, or things to do, or restaurants in Fort Lauderdale or Miami area let me know!

I have learned to leave work behind — a hard lesson for me to learn. I’m still one of those that tends to have a hard time relaxing and not feeling a bit guilty for having time away … I have to truly discipline my heart to accept the gift of rest from our loving God who gives us all good things to enjoy. I know, it shouldn’t be so hard to have it easy.  

Now … to find just the right books to take …


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