Tell Me About Your “James”

I had the privelege of preaching this morning at Crossroads where I began a new expositional series on the the Epistle of James. We spent a few minutes talking about the author who I understand to be the half-brother of the Lord and the leader of the Jerusalem church; noted by Paul as a “pillar of the church”. James would certainly have had the right to make any of those credentials the foundation of his authority in writing, but he instead, calls himself a “servant”, more correctly “a slave” to God. He was a humble man, dependent on God, and noted for a lifestyle of prayer.

Yet his message is blunt and to the point. He pulls no punches. He calls sin what it is, and even points to the possibility that some of his readers may not possess genuine faith. He is both humble and bold, a servant who speaks truth, a man who would serve you best by boldly speaking into your life – and probably be marked as a friend.

I mentioned a man like that who I had known – Fred Barshaw. A godly man with whom I served as an associate in Southern California. He supported and encouraged me, disagreed with me, confronted me, rebuked me a time or two (or three), and did so in a manner that demonstrated his great love for me and our Savior. He was a great teacher-shepherd. The kind of guy who spoke truth and you never wondered about any “agendas” being hidden. He was an accomplished teacher with real degrees and accolades as a master-teacher and administrator, yet Dr. Barshaw was just Fred, a humble, bold friend who helped me grow in Jesus.

Your turn … add a comment … who is your James? The humble – bold person that touched your life?


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