Insights from a Vacation

We just returned from Fort Lauderdale where we visited the sunshine (for those from our Northwest homeland, sunshine is bright and usually warm) and took a Cruise vacation. Besides the obvious refreshment from a vacation I was struck by a couple of insights – mostly kind of trivial (hey, I was on vacation!).

One insight that wasn’t so trivial was the experience of seeing that there is incredible power in an aligned purpose. Everyone from the Master of the vessel to the assistant to the assistant stateroom attendant seemed to be working from the same book. They appeared to have the same overarching goal and purpose in their work – to make the week aboard their ship a great experience. Celebrity cruises seeks to treat each passenger “famously” and from the behavior of every one of the ship’s staff and crew that we encountered, I think we might actually be renowned human beings (along with 1998 others, of course). It reminded me of the significant impact that an aligned purpose and vision among those in an church could have in touching lives.

Among the trivial insights?

  • It is never wise for men who are significantly overweight and wear tiny, tight European style swimwear. Actually, no man should ever wear tiny, tight European style swimwear.
  • When you share that you are a “pastor” there will be any number of responses, but almost always there will be a noticeable lull in conversation.
  • Some people will try a bit too hard to have fun.
  • People can get just as drunk on expensive wines as they can on cheap ones.

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