Life Lessons from a Tee-Ball Game

Henry James played his first baseball game today. You can learn a lot about life from watching highly proficient athletes as they participate in their sport …

1. The most important thing is to look good – you have to have a great uniform. And if you wear a hat, make sure it is on correctly.

2. Use the bathroom before the game or you might miss a l0t of the second inning.

3. The best way to field a batted ball is to send every player on the field after it. If you choose not to run after the ball, make sure you have a good reason – something like needing to watch dirt very closely for bugs or something like that.

4. When you swing and miss, make sure you look good. And make sure you don’t give up. Swing again and again because in T-Ball you never strike out!

5. When you hit the ball it is not really necessary to run to first base … especially if your batting helmet is too large and first base looks too far away. You can walk there if you want but it is a long way so some players like to sit down when they get there.

6. It always helps to have pretty girls watching you do whatever you do – even if they are your sister and your mom.

7.  Focus in the dugout is important. Always be preparing yourself for your time at bat – even if a really fun bug comes along and distracts the others around you – even if you think that bug is a bumblebee. The really cool helmet you wear will protect you.

8. The best part of the game, and probably life, is the cookie at the end of the game.

Finally, it always helps to invite your grandparental units. They will always cheer for you!


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