Daily Archives: June 29, 2008

More on a Muddled Message

I’ve been thinking a bit more on the reasons that many Christians seem to confuse the the message of the gospel. I have a few questions that we might ask ourselves as we seek to bring clarity to our presentation of the message.

Have we made it clear how lost man is? Do we make clear how much God hates sin? I think that many times those not yet saved don’t understand how serious their condition truly is. We don’t always make clear that man is indeed sinful, totally depraved, completely separated from God. Every man is in such a state that he is dead in his sins and he cannot do anything about it (Ephesians 2:1-2). The problem is three-fold. First, our sin offends the holy character of God and he must respond in wrath (Is. 64:6; Ro. 3:23). Second, our debt to sin is enormous and must be paid (Col. 2:13, 14; Rom 5:12). Third, sinners are deeply enslaved to the God of this world (Col. 1:13; 2 Cor. 4:4) and blind to truth. And sin to a sinner makes sense … he won’t want to let it go.

Why is this important? Because the Good News of salvation is that it is salvation from sin. Salvation is not just a means to a better life, without salvation we will have no life. And coming to faith means we must admit our sin, we must deal with it, we must repent. If people come to Christ merely for a “better life” they will prove to be like the seed sown on the rocky or thorny ground in the parable of the soils. They seem to respond but prove to have no depth of root and bear no fruit when life becomes difficult.