The Latte That Went to School

A long time ago in a galaxy far away when my children were small and not yet in school, I would often take them on a dad breakfast to McDonalds. We’d talk about stuff like being kind, helping Mom, loving one another, knowing Jesus … then we’d move on the the really important stuff like which Matchbox car was best, or which baby doll was behaving. Sometimes we even made up stories. The kids did most of the telling, and I’d write it down on a napkin. One of them has survived at least 20 years (mostly on the refrigerator door) and the “author” just framed it and gave it to me as a gift. (We had just moved to Seattle and were amazed with the frenzy over expensive coffee).

One day a latte got bored with being a dumb ole’ latte. He decided to go to school! So … he foamed himself to the brim and went of to Margaret Mead Elementary School. Sadly all the children treated him mean – they laughed at him and said “lattes don’t go to school” and the called him “foam head”.

He ignored them but it didn’t work so he foamed them. Finally he realized that he didn’t have a brain so he went to the principal to find out what to do. The principal drank him down – and boy was he happy – he did what he was made to do! So that’s how the latte went to school.

The end.

Not bad for a four-year-old. It even has a great lesson. I wish I had saved more of their stories … maybe we could have written a book.


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