Sounds a Bit Counter-Culture to Where I Live Too

Based on this post at Vitamin Z I think I many need to purchase this book. I remember seeing it last year when it came out but avoided even looking at excerpts for some reason. Maybe it didn’t strike me as a vital read. Or, maybe I’m concerned that it will lead to having to deal with thoughts like those Doug dropped at the end of his blogpost:

Wow. I resonate with that big time. If you’re like me you want people to think you’re a great father with obedient kids; a loving husband who cherishes his wife; and a respected pastor who leads well. It’s like this built in pressure to perform (and get your kids to perform) so that others would think more highly of you. But in reality, I fail. I need help. And so do you. It doesn’t matter how much money we make, what position we hold, or how many A’s our kids get on their report cards, we’re all in need of grace.

In case you’re wondering, Pastors can be posers too….


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