Resetting the Bar on Life

This post by Al Mohleris insightful. We can only hope it remains true. Whether you like Sarah Palin or not, whether you think she should be a working mom or not, whether you think she can do the job or even sohould to the job of Vice-president (or president), I hope you would agree that she has lived out her convictions on life.

The public presence of little Trig Palin is a powerful witness to the sanctity of human life, and the knowledge that this little infant wth Down syndrome is bringing such joy to his family is upsetting those who believe that babies such as Trig should never be born.

The facts are daunting.  It is now estimated that between 80 and 90 percent of all unborn babies diagnosed as likely to have Down syndrome are aborted.  The availability of prenatal testing presents parents with the possibility of aborting the baby and starting over.  The statistics now speak for themselves — the vast majority of parents are choosing to abort under these circumstances.

But the visible presence of Trig Palin in the arms of his parents or one of his sisters is resetting that equation, at least in terms of the public’s emotions.  The sight of little Piper Palin licking her hand and flattening Trig’s hair during their mom’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention is likely to stick in the public mind years after Trig’s hair is again unstuck.  It’s hard for even the most ardent abortion defenders to insert an argument against Trig’s precious life at that point.  Or, at least we would think so.

Read the entire articleto see the frustrating position that others are taking … that Sarah Palin may pressure people inappropriately … just by her choice.

Here’s the clip of the convention video where Piper Palin cares for her brother’s hair. I find it interesting that this caring act was labled as “odd behavior” by another poster on You Tube. Hmm. Maybe we are in much worse trouble that I thought.


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