Random Links I Liked

I store these up for a week when my brain is a bit mushy. I liked these posts for one reason or another. You don’t have to. But I bet they make you think … or at least say “hmmm”.

First up, two from Anne Jackson: “leaderman or servant leader” was just a bit too convicting. I want to be servant leader, but I’m pretty sure fall on the other side far too often. This vignette captures an authenticity and insight that will slowly grow on you. And if you have ever worked with people you’ll understand the metaphor.

This post on preaching “tethered to the word” by John Piper on the differences between the entertainment-oriented preacher and the bible-oriented preacher was a good reminder. Piper summarizes “that the difference between an entertainment-oriented preacher and a Bible-oriented preacher is the manifest connection of the preacher’s words to the Bible as what authorizes what he says.” Thanks to Tracy on our Women’s Ministries team for pointing me to it.

This post reminds me of why we have to figure out more effective ways to communicate at Crossroads.

And this one wasn’t one I really enjoyed, but it seems to illustrate Piper’s point above to the extreme. I’m thinking Dr. Suess wouldn’t agree either.


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