Visiting the Sun. Asking a Question.

Linda and I have had the opportunity to take a few days of vacation in Phoenix, Arizona prior to a workshop on Monday. Sunny, warm, dry!

This morning we connected with a long time friend who shepherds a church in the East Valley area. He is enjoying a church where people feel a freedom to be “real”. Since many don’t have “churchy” backgrounds where they have learned “how to act”, being real means there are some messes, and rough edges, but there is a joy in being authentic. He’s been in a couple of other churches and finds the “realness” of this church to be a joy. We discussed some of the challenges to a church like his, and he mentioned that he deliberately wants to protect the church as a place where people can be authentic. We agreed that there probably aren’t many churches where people feel that they can be themselves and not have to play a role or wear a mask. Ironically, I think that most church leaders actually believe that people in their church find it easy for members to be real no matter what the members might think.

Which leads me to start a poll among my blog readers about how easy it is to be real in their church. I’m not tracking which churches you attend, just asking one question. It might lead to deeper polls or a new blogpost. It will take less than a minute. Join the throng multitudes dozens of voters.


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